Economic Solution Australia is a Sydney based company. We try to provide a service that can find quality products with competitive prices. The owner as a migrant, having been working at supply chain in both Australia and China for over 20 years and have great passion to utilize his skills to bring quality products to Australian market. 

We believe that a company must have correct corporate values. Our key values are honest, innovation, continuous improvement and effectiveness. We intend to provide a service to Australian companies or sole traders who are seeking new products or seeking alternative products to replace your current ones.

As migrants, we try to utilize this platform to collaborate with companies or individuals who are interested in importing from Asian countries. Making profit is not our sole goal, but through utilizing this platform to connect more to the society and contribute more to the society. 

We currently also sell products for prescription swimming goggles and prescription snorkeling masks which is an economic and fast way for people to see clearly.

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A distant journey tests the strength of a horse and a long task proves the character of a man. Time will tell our services. Your initial trust will in return to encourage our services to be better provided to you.

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